Digital Strongbox Combines Password and Media Storage on iOS

Digital StrongboxIn response to growing concerns over mobile security, Ebb Labs has created Digital StrongBox, an app that combines password storage lockers and photo and video storage solutions into a single app, providing encrypted storage for a user’s data. When downloading Digital Strongbox, users create a pin of 4-8 digits in length that must be entered any time the app is accessed, and from there, they can store photos, identification numbers, website passwords, videos, text notes and more.


Android phones cannot remove all your personal data with factory reset

avastWiping your phones for resale may seem like a simple task, but for Android phones, it’s likely to be a lot more painstaking than your typical factory reset.

The security team at Avast used their data-recovery tools on 20 phones found on eBay. What they find was rather shocking. (more…)

Teen girl dies trying to chase down iPhone thieves

ios-7-activation-lock iphone theftAn iPhone robbery turned deadly when a girl died after sustaining injures trying to save her phone. The teenager, Rubi Rubio, was only 15. She was walking with her 7-year-old sister when a stranger approached the girls and asked for the time. He then took the phone away from Rubio by force. (more…)

Cincinnati airport tracking Wi-Fi devices to monitor security wait-time


Wading through airport security can be treacherous for travelers as it often means hours in line with the possibility of missed flights. What if we could skip all of that just by having our Wi-Fi devices tracked?

The technology being used from Blip Systems has already been installed at airports in Amsterdam, Dubai, Geneva, Oslo, and Toronto. Now, it’s coming to Cincinnati’s airport – a declining transportation hub that’s seen a drop from 2008’s 13.6 million passengers to just 5.7 million passengers in 2013. (more…)

Amazon, Google Play removes 5 more fake security apps

fake security app

Fake apps are getting the boot from Google Play and Amazon’s app store, but not before they are quickly used by the Android community. This time, five apps were removed after FireEye discovered that they were nothing but placebos.

The security researchers, Jinjian Zhai, Jimmy Su and Humayun Ajmal, said some of the apps were actually paid versions outside of the US whereas US consumers could theoretically download a free version and then pay for non-existent in-app services.    (more…)

Judge forces Florida police to release court documents about stingray cell phone trackers


In a victorious decision for the ACLU, a Florida Judge has forced the state police to release documents describing its use of stingray cell phone trackers.

The emergency motion and subsequent decision came as a result of a court case in Tallahassee, Florida where police testified using stingray technology to track a cell phone inside a suspect’s apartment without obtaining the necessary warrant. The ACLU then tried to obtain court papers but were thwarted by federal marshals seeking to keep public papers accessible to the public, as required by law. (more…)

Hackers can now bypass iCloud’s activation lock to access ‘bricked’ stolen phones


Stolen iPhones and iOS products are at the mercy of hackers, who can unlock “bricked” devices using a new workaround for iCloud’s Activation Lock. The new tool, doulCi from Dutch hacker AquaXetine and Moroccan hacker MerrukTechnolog allows anyone to plug a phone into a computer in order to access the hacker’s server to unlock the device. (more…)

Smartphone camera may offer simple encryption solution against NSA snooping

hero ios

Your smartphone camera’s unique noisy pixelations might be the key to smartphone security, especially if you’re seeking to hide your data from the eyes of the NSA, who can decode practically all versions of security cryptography.

Since computing technology has a hard time finding reliable, random chaos, a smartphone camera can be the perfect solution since it’s a simple, fast source for chaos in the form of a light reader. It’s quantum physics, but for mobile users. (more…)

Minnesota becomes first state to mandate smartphone ‘kill switch’


Minnesota’s governor Mark Dayton just signed the first law requiring smartphones to be sold with pre-installed antitheft software, now commonly referred to as a kill switch. The new Minnesota law will be effective on July 1, 2015.

The legislation, however, does not clearly define a ‘kill switch’ in that it doesn’t mandate stolen phones must be rendered inoperable once stolen. Moreover, the bill itself also allows for phone manufacturers to sell phones without antitheft software so long as consumers can download it for free: (more…)

Snapchat app update to address security concerns


Snapchat finally addressed the hacking breach of 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers from it service, writing a blog post that promises an update to the app that will enable users to opt out of the Find Friends functionality that led to the all of the chaos. (more…)

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