Build the theme park of your dreams in RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile on iOS


Atari has officially launched RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile on iOS devices, bringing the classic theme park simulation franchise to a new generation of gamers. The game puts players in charge of their own theme park, and offers a variety of attractions, including shops and rides, as well as 20 pre-designed roller coasters.


Alayer photo editing app updated with social browsing for inspiration


DeliX Software’s iPhone photography application Alayer has been updated to version 2.0, introducing a new social feature to users who wish to share their creations with others. The Alayer app focuses on adding layers to photos to change their appearance, including filters, hue or saturation changes. By making changes layer by layer, users have precise control over the final image, as one alteration doesn’t, by default, change another.


Papo & Yo creator announces Loco Motors, Silent Enemy for iOS


Papo & Yo developer Minority Media has announced its lineup of games for 2014-2015, including two new titles for iOS devices. The first is Loco Motors, a physics-based puzzle game which is now available on iOS. Loco Motors sees players customizing a stunt car before sending it through 50 tracks, solving physics puzzles in the process.


Nival unleashes Prime World: Defenders on iOS


Strategy game developer Nival has announced the release of Prime World: Defenders on iOS. The game was originally released on PC in 2013, and combines tower defense gameplay with elements from collectible card games. In Prime World: Defenders, players join a group of treasure hunters in a story-driven campaign, which sees them fighting off a mutant horde while collecting resources.


God of Light: Control beams of light to save the world on iOS


Playmous has launched its newest game on iOS devices, God of Light, which sees players controlling light beams by bouncing them off of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to light up levels and complete puzzles. Players join the game’s mascot, Shiny, on a quest through three game worlds and 75 levels, as Shiny tries to save the world from darkness.


Touch Dimensions launches Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on iOS


Touch Dimensions has announced the launch of Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on iOS devices. The game is a follow-up to the original Autumn Dynasty, and aims to offer a real-time strategy experience the likes of which players would find in classic PC titles. The game takes players to a land filled with bloodshed, and challenges them to bring all surrounding forces and territories under their own rule to stop the violence.


Task management app Zippy looks to improve the way you get things done


Task management app Zippy looks to motivate users to get things done by organizing to-do lists and providing insights into how and when its users complete tasks. The app combines a daily view of tasks with infographics for past successes, so users can analyze their habits and improve themselves going forward.


It’s a battle of plants vs robots in Forces of Nature on iOS


Mean Bean Games has brought an updated combat system to its mobile tower defense game Forces of Nature, making the game easier to play for new users. Forces of Nature sees plants taking on robots in a bid for Earth’s survival, as players control a plant named Sprout, who can raise an army of plants to take into battle.


Team Chaos releases puzzle game Enigmo: Explore on iOS


Dragon Academy developer Team Chaos has announced the launch of Enigmo: Explore, a spiritual successor / reboot of Pangea Software’s Enigmo. Team Chaos worked with the team at Pangea Software to create what it’s calling a “zen-inducing, art deco puzzle adventure game,” which challenges players to solve puzzles using a variety of tools and an “endless” number of possible solutions.


Twins Rock Media brings ZooZoom Crew: Snow Adventure to iOS


Twins Rock Media has announced the release of ZooZoom Crew: Snow Adventure on iOS devices, challenging players to ski down the mountain, running over snowmen and skiing through gates while collecting coins. The game was created by 12-year-old twin sisters from a gaming and skiing family, which includes Doodle Jump creator Igor Pusenjak.


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