Microsoft Office comes to Android, limited to Office 365 subscribers


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Microsoft has today announced the launch of Office Mobile for Android. The long-awaited application is available at no additional charge for Office 365 subscribers, giving current subscribers the ability to work on their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the go.


Microsoft Office hits iPhone, limited to Office 365 subscribers

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Microsoft has quietly released an Office application for iPhone. Though it is available to download for free, Microsoft requires users to be subscribers of Office 365 to actually use the application.

The application comes with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, making the documents usable on iPhone. It also supports cross-platform symmetry with cloud sharing, SkyDrive. Users can easily access recently opened documents on desktop on mobile and vice versa.


Xbox SmartGlass reaches 10M downloads, integrates with Xbox One

Xbox SmartGlass app iconAt today’s Microsoft unveiling event for the new Xbox One game console, corporate vice president of Xbox Live Marc Whitten revealed that its second-screen companion app Xbox SmartGlass reached the 10 million downloads mark and that it integrates with the Xbox One, calling it a “native” part of the Xbox One.

Microsoft first revealed Xbox SmartGlass at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo and its currently available on smartphones, tablets, Windows 8 PCs, for use with the Redmond, Wash.-headquartered corporation’s Xbox 360 game console, displaying companion content for entertainment content like films and games.

With the Xbox One, users can now watch live TV via an HDMI pass-through, meaning a cable or satellite box or similar device can connect directly the Xbox One. An HDMI-out port acts as a middleman for the signal between the cable device and TV. Since users can now watch live TV, the SmartGlass can be turned into a remote control of sorts that will allow any other input device a user desires to use SmartGlass for. Fore example, a user can change channels with a no-look flicking motion. The Xbox One will also let multiple users connect to the console with SmartGlass for multiplayer and shared experiences.  Aside from that, not much else was mentioned about Xbox One and SmartGlass integration.

Apple gains platform market share, Android and iOS combines for 91% of smartphone user base

ComScore logoAlthough Google’s Android operating system remained the top smartphone platform, Apple once again gained market share, according to ComScore’s March 2013 Mobile Subscriber Market Share report. Also, the Android OS and Apple’s iOS combined for 91 percent of the U.S. smartphone user base of 136.7 million.

During the three month period from the end of December 2012 to the end of March 2013, the smartphone market penetration was up 9 percent to 58 percent, translating to 136.7 million users owning smartphones, with 71.1 million users who own Android smartphones and 53.5 million who own iPhones.ComScore top smartphone OEMs March 2013

The Reston, Va.-based analytics firm reported that Apple claimed the No. 1 spot as the top smartphone original equipment manufacture (OEM) with 39 percent — up 2.7 percent — of the U.S. smartphone OEM market share. Samsung nabbed the No. 2 position with a 21.7 percent market share, up 0.7 percent. Keep in mind that it won’t be another month or two before Samsung’s market share sees an effect from the recently launch Samsung Galaxy S4. Rounding out the bottom of the top smartphone OEMs chart was HTC with a 9 percent market share, Motorola with 8.5 percent and LG with 6.8 percent.

As per usual, the Android OS was the top smartphone platform with 52 percent market share, down 1.4 percent. Apple’s platform share rose once again, increasing 2.7 percent to 39 percent. BlackBerry came in at No. 3 with 5.2 percent share, falling 1.2 percent. Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS increased 0.1 percent to 3.0 percent and Accenture’s Symbian OS dropped 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent.ComScore top smartphone platforms March 2013

Apple increases lead as top U.S. smartphone manufacturer, Google’s platform market share falls again

ComScore logoOnce again, Apple increased its lead as the top original equipment manufacturer, while Google’s platform market share fell for a second month in a row, according to ComScore’s February 2013 Mobile Subscriber Market Share report.

Among the top smartphone OEMs, Apple held a 38.9 percent share of the U.S. mobile market, up 3.9 percent during a three-month period from November 2012 to February 2013. Samsung held down the No. 2 spot with a 21.3 percent market share, up 1 percent. With the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the South Korean company’s market share could increase further in the coming months. HTC’s OEM market share dropped by 1.7 percent to 9.3 percent, but the launch of its HTC First handset on April 12, the first smartphone with Facebook Home baked into a device’s operating system, could turn around the company’s market share in the future. Motorola as well as LG saw its market share drop to 8.4 percent and 6.8 percent, respectively.ComScore February 2013 top smartphone OEMs

According to the analytics firm, 133.7 million U.S. citizens own smartphones, which translates to a mobile market penetration of 57 percent, up 8 percent since the three month average period ending February 2013.

Platform-wise, Google’s market share among the top smartphone platforms inches even closer to falling below 50 percent, dropping 2 percent from November 2012 to February 2013 to 51.7 percent. Apple, on the other hand, is closing the gap on Google, increasing its market share by 3.9 percent to 38.9 percent. BlackBerry, which probably hasn’t felt the full effect of the BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry Z10 device releases yet, saw its market share fall 1.9 percent to 5.4 precent. Microsoft added 0.2 percent to its marketshare from 3 percent in November 2012 to 3.2 percent in February 2013. Lastly, Symbian’s market share remained stagnant at 0.5 percent.comscore-february-2013-top-smartphone-platforms

Apple increases lead as top smartphone manufacturer

ComScore logoApple continues to increase its lead as the top smartphone manufacturer over the South Korean-based conglomerate Samsung, according to ComScore’s latest Mobile Subscriber Market Share report.

Apple’s market share among the top smartphone manufactures increased 3.5 percent to 37.8 percent from Oct. 2012 to Jan. 2013. No. 2 ranked Samsung also grew its market share by 1.9 percent from 19.5 percent to 21.4 percent over the the three-month period. Taiwan-based HTC’s smartphone OEM market share declined 1.7 percent to 9.7 percent, Motorola fell 1.4 percent to 8.6 percent and LG slightly increased its share by 0.3 percent to 7.0 percent.ComScore top smartphone OEMs January 2013

Smartphone market penetration was up 7 percent since October 2012, which now stands at 55 percent, translating to 129.4 million people in the U.S. owning smartphones. Google’s Android platform continued to hold more than 50 percent of the smartphone platform market share, although it’s share was down 1.3 percent from 53.6 percent of handsets running Android to 52.3 percent of handsets. Apple’s iOS platform showed the most growth, adding 3.5 percent to its market share from 34.3 percent to 37.8 percent. BlackBerry saw its market share decline 1.9 percent to 5.9 percent. Microsoft’s market share came in second to last, with a marginal decrease of 0.1 percent to 3.1 percent, and Symbian also fell 0.1 percent for a 0.5 percent share of handsets running Accenture’s operating system.ComScore top smartphone platforms January 2013

Mobile apps news roundup: Mobile World Congress 2013 edition

Waze logo

Waze wins ‘Best Overall Mobile App’ award – The GSM Association (GSMA) announced at this week’s Mobile World Conference, which it organizes, in Barcelona that social navigation app Waze took home the Global Mobile Awards “Best Overall Mobile App” award.


Device manufactures pledge support for Firefox operating system – Device manufactures LG, ZTE, Huawei and TCL (aka Alcatel) all pledged its support to build devices that will run the upcoming open-source Firefox mobile OS, which supports web-based programming languages like HTML5 and JavaScript.


Intel lifts the lid off Atom processor for mobile – Intel lifted the lid off its dual-core Atom processor, which it has developed for mainstream smartphones and Android tablets. The world’s largest chip maker will be throwing its hat in the mobile processor ring, which is already filled with the likes of Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung, Marvell and more.


Samsung sets Galaxy S IV unveiling for March 14 – Although the announcement was made just before the Mobile World Congress event, Samsung announced that it will hold an event in New York City on March 14 to unveil the Galaxy S IV smartphone.


Nokia and Samsung reveal budget phones – Finnish-based Nokia and Samsung both revealed new budget phones. First, Samsung’s Galaxy Fame budget phone packs a single-core 1GHz processor and runs the latest version of Android Jelly Bean, while the Nokia 520 is a Windows Phone 8 that features a 4-inch screen and five megapixel camera.


Samsung reveals Galaxy Not 8.0 – Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet at the MWC this week. The tablet, which features an 8-inch screen, a 1.6GHz quad-core process and 2GB of RAM, looks to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini tablet for the mid-sized tablet market crown.

ComScore: Apple remains top smartphone manufacturer, Samsung shows most growth

Although Apple remained the top smartphone OEM, Samsung showed the most growth, moving the needle 2.3 percent for a 21 percent share of the smartphone OEM market, according to ComScore’s new Mobile Subscriber Market Share report.ComScore logo

The Reston, Va.-based analytics company reported that Apple once again took the top spot among smartphone OEMs, with a 36.3 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market, up two percent from Sept. 2012. Samsung, which ranked second, showed the most growth, up 2.3 percent to 21 percent. Taiwan-based HTC’s smartphone OEM market share dropped 1.8 percent to 10.2 percent. Microsoft was the other OEM to show a drop, falling 0.7 percent to 9.1 percent. Finally, LG grew 0.5 percent, grabbing a 7.1 percent share of the smartphone OEM market.

The U.S. continued to show no signs of slowing down when it came to smartphone ownership, with 125.9 million people owning smartphones, up five percentfrom Sept. 2012 to Dec. 2012. As expected, more than half of those handsets people own in the U.S. ran Google’s Android platform. Android phones racked up 53.4 percent of the smartphone market share, up 0.9 percent. To no one’s surprise, Apple was the second leading smartphone platform, showing a 2 percent increase in market share to 36.3 percent. BlackBerry, which recently lifted the lid off BlackBerry 10 and changed its name from RIM to BlackBerry, saw a 2 percent decline in its platform market share to 6.5 percent. Lastly, Microsoft’s market share fell 0.7 percent and Symbian remained the same with a 0.6 percent share.ComScore top smartphone OEMs February 2013ComScore top smartphone platforms

Samsung, Apple dominate OEM market

Samsung is once again the top mobile original equipment manufacture (OEM), with a 26.9 percent market share, a positive swing of 1.2 percent, says ComScore.

According to the company’s latest Mobile Subscriber Market Share report, Apple held down the No. 2 spot for the second consecutive time since claiming the spot from LG in ComScore’s last report, with a 18.5 percent market share, up 1.4 percent. The bottom three spots of the top five were rounded out by LG with 17.5 percent share, Motorola with 10.4 percent and HTC with 5.9 percent.ComScore top mobile OEMs November 2012

123.3 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, which translates to a six percent gain in U.S. mobile market penetration, moving the needle from 51.9 percent to 53 percent since the end of August.

Google Android also remained the top smartphone platform, accounting for 53.7 of the market, up 1.1 percent. Behind the Seoul-headquartered corporation is Apple, which grabbed 35 percent, up 0.7 percent. RIM continues to lose traction, with a 1.0 percent loss, but not as big as last month’s drop of 1.7 percent. Microsoft came in fourth with a 0.6 percent loss and Symbian with a 0.2 percent loss.

ComScore surveyed more than 30,000 mobile subscribers in the U.S. during a three-month period from the end of August 2012 to the end of November 2012.

ComScore top smartphone platforms November 2012

CloudOn updates its mobile productivity app, expands to iPhone with Microsoft Office capabilities

CloudOn announced today that it has updated its mobile productivity app to version 3.0 and launched its iPhone app, the first app to bring Microsoft Office integration to the Apple handset.

For years, productivity in the workplace has been tied to Microsoft Office and PCs. Many people around the world know how to use Microsoft Office products, but now they are more mobile than ever, using different types of devices that aren’t a PC like smartphones and tablets. CEO and co-founder of CloudOn Milind Gadekar told Inside Mobile Apps that was the thinking behind the creation of the company.

“We kind of looked at it and said let’s leverage the legacy and behavior of the billion of workers who already use Office and created billions or trillions of documents all in that format,” he says. “These documents are now being saved in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and hundreds of different cloud storage providers. Let’s take Office and make it accessible and usable across all devices.”CloudOn iPhone screenshot

The mobile productivity app, which first launched in January 2012. on iPad, allows users to create, review and edit Microsoft Office and Adobe documents and the ability to share documents via cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and now Microsoft SkyDrive as part of the version 3.0 update.

The startup also announced that version 3.0 optimizes the app for Android tablets running the Honeycomb version of Android’s OS, Ice Cream Sandwich (version 3.1 and higher) and Jelly Bean (version 4.1 and higher).

CloudOn is an official partner of both Microsoft and Adobe, which allows the company to use Microsoft Office and Adobe services in CloudOn’s app.

CloudOn has a feature dubbed FileSpace, which captures the events — edits, annotations and more — of a user. Eventually, the company wants to to expand this functionality into a group productivity feature where multiple people can share and collaborate on files.

“We have to create this building block because this is one of the building blocks we need to start capturing events so that once I invite you into my world space, you have full visibility into the full event thread,” Gadekar says. “That’s where it comes to life — in a group productivity environment.”CloudOn FileSpace screenshot

Gadekar says competitors to CloudOn include the traditional productivity giants including Microsoft Office (and Office 365), Google Docs and Apple iWork. Gadekar adds that what differentiates CloudOn from the competitors is its horizontal thinking versus the vertical thinking of the competition. Meaning, each competitor has a vertical productivity solution that doesn’t deviate outside of their solution, while the CloudOn app works on different types of devices and provides multiple cloud storage provider options.

CloudOn, which has grown to more than two million users in 10 months, raised $16 million in Series B funding back in May 2012 led by The Social+Capital Partnership and earlier investors including Foundation Capital and Rembrandt Venture Partners, with total funding raised at $26 million, according to Gadekar.

Looking into the next year, CloudOn plans to figure out how to monetize CloudOn in the first half of 2013, and in the second half, the company plans to start catering its app to enterprise services.

Right now, the CloudOn app is available for free, and doesn’t monetize at all, for iOS, Android and Kindle.

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