Yik Yak secures $1.5 million in funding for expansion of social messaging platform


Social messaging app Yik Yak has received $1.5 million in additional funding for the expansion of its ‘hyper-local engagement’ platform, with funding from Vaizra Investments, DCM, Azure Capital Partners and others. The Yik Yak platform is an anonymous social experience, which allows users to connect to others based on location, with support for connections within a 1.5 mile radius.


Flyby Messenger: Attach messages to real world objects on iOS


Flyby Media looks to redefine the way users share mobile messages with others, via the release of Flyby Messenger on iOS. The app works to encourage users to pick places and things they’d like to discuss with their friends by attaching video or photo messages to real world objects.


Chatwala offers asynchronous video messaging on iOS, Android


Chatwala has released is video messaging platform of the same name, helping users move past text and photo messages and into the more personal space of video messaging. The app focuses on authentic reactions, recording the reactions of users when they view their messages, before allowing them to record their own reply.


Chaatz: Sort and manage your conversations on iOS


The makers of Facebook’s feature phone app have created a new app of their own, Chaatz, aimed at helping users organize and control all of their conversations in one place. The app allows users to connect with friends and family, or create professional and private conversations, without the need to bounce between apps or different devices.


Game Insight brings 2020: My Country to KakaoTalk

Image via Game Insight

Image via Game Insight

Mobile and social game developer Game Insight is the latest to join the growing group of developers making a move to developing for Korea’s KakaoTalk mobile messaging platform. Game Insight’s 2020: My Country will come to the KakaoTalk platform, which recently passed over 100 million registered users.


Insider Q&A: Frankly CEO Steve Chung


Ever send a text and immediately wish you could take it back?

There you are, staring at your phone, searching tearfully for that secret unsend button, meanwhile your “I love you” text just went out to a girl you’ve only been on two dates with and now you know that relationship you’re dreaming about is pretty much over the moment she looks at her screen.

Well, if you download the new iOS and Android app, Frankly, that magical ability to unsend texts and pretend they never happened is right at your fingertips, as not only can you take back any text or photo that hasn’t yet been opened, any text or photo that does make it through vanishes 10 seconds after it’s seen, erasing any potentially embarrassing digital trail from both your mobile device and even Frankly’s servers. (more…)

Mobile messaging app Pinnatta closes $1.5 million round of funding for platform expansion

Image via Pinnatta

Image via Pinnatta

Mobile messaging platform Pinnatta has announced it has received a new round of Series A funding from Greek venture capital firms Odyssey Venture Partners and PJ Tech Catalyst. The $1.5 million round of funding will see the company continuing to operate its offices in Sunnyvale, California and Athens, Greece.

The Pinnatta platform offers interactive multimedia, as users can send each other interactive messages. In a birthday message, for instance, users may send someone a cake with lit candles that must be blown out using a smartphone’s microphone. Other messages may allow users to swipe their fingers around the screen to unfold papers, like virtual origami, uncovering a personalized message inside.


CallSnap responds to phone calls via selfie

If you’ve ever been too busy to pickup a call, but at the same time, can’t wait to show your friend who’s calling why you’re so busy (beach, beer, both?), CallSnap might be just the mobile messaging app you’ve been looking for.

Developed by TIP Solutions (Technology in Progress), CallSnap enables Android users to send a quick selfie to the caller rather than sending them straight to voicemail.


Outplay brings Bubble Blaze to KakaoTalk mobile messaging platform

Image via Outplay Entertainment

Image via Outplay Entertainment

Outplay Entertainment has today announced a Korean version of its hit bubble-popping game Bubble Blaze, which has been “extensively modified” with “tight integration” for Korea’s KakaoTalk mobile messaging platform.

“Bubble Blaze for Kakao” will be featured within KakaoTalk, which surpassed 100 million users in July. The game asks players to shoot bubbles towards clusters of other bubbles at the top of the screen, releasing gems and activating power-ups as they complete levels.


MessageMe adds stickers and camera features to its iOS mobile messaging app

messageme-650Image via MessageMe

Mobile messaging company MessageMe has today announced new functionality for its iOS app, bringing stickers and new photography options to the platform.


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