Gamevil Passes 400 Million Downloads, Launches Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

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Mobile games company Gamevil has passed 400 million downloads on mobile devices, up from 300 million downloads last July. This new milestone comes alongside the release of the company’s newest game, Kritika: Chaos Unleashed. The game sees players choosing from characters like Berserkers or Cat Acrobats (with more types coming soon), before taking them into a world full of enemies to defeat.


Complete stunt courses in Urban Trial Freestyle on iOS

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After a release on PlayStation Network, Nintendo 3DS and PC last year, Tate Multimedia has launched its Urban Trial Freestyle on iPhone and iPad. The game is described as an “action-bike racer,” and sees gamers completing more than 40 levels by dodging obstacles and performing stunts.


MAG Interactive’s Ruzzle Adventure comes to Google Play


After a successful launch on iOS, Ruzzle creator MAG Interactive has announced the launch of Ruzzle Adventure on Google Play for Android devices. The game passed one million downloads within its first three days on iOS, and challenges players to complete levels by creating words with randomized letter tiles on the board.


Fingerlab’s Atom Run launches for free on Android

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Mobile game developer Fingerlab has announced the launch of its side-scrolling platformer, Atom Run, on Android devices. The game takes players to the year 2264, where an “unprecedented disaster” has killed all living things. Robots now populate the earth, but some are more dangerous than others.

In Atom Run, players control Elgo, a robot with the design of a man, who must track down the world’s remaining atoms and molecules to create new life. Players have infinite lives, and they’ll need them, as each environment is full of obstacles, from rotating saw blades and electrified walls / floors to spike traps and flying fireballs.


Choose your alliance and control the land in King: The MMORPG

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Chukong Technologies’ Coco Entertainment International has announced the launch of King: The MMORPG on iOS and Android devices. The game takes players to the fantasy land of Kandar, locked in the middle of a Civil War. Players choose from four initial classes to create a character capable of defeating their rivals across both player-vs-player and player-vs-everyone combat.


DreamWorks, Microsoft launch DreamWorks Dragons Adventure on Windows devices

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DreamWorks and Microsoft have announced the launch of DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer on select Windows phones and tablets. Announced in October 2013, the game in inspired by the animated film How to Train Your Dragon 2, and sees gamers’ own real-world locations transformed into medieval villages in the style of Berk from the films.

The game is split into two portions for playing at home, or while on-the-go. The at-home portions see users completing missions to rescue dragons from dragon trappers. Users start with either Astrid or Hiccup and their single dragon companion, but can eventually unlock all six dragons with enough play time.


Smartphone Showdown: a painful game of smartphone-deprivation

smartphone chicken

If it’s true that users do spend over 30 hours each month using smartphone apps, it should be no surprise that some, if not many, users are spending many more hours on their phone. Some might even call it an addiction. (more…)

Mighty Adventure: Pixel Trap’s debut title launches on iOS

Mighty Adventure Splash-1

Bucharest-based mobile game developer Pixel Trap was formed in September 2013 by industry veterans from companies including EA, Gameloft and Ubisoft. Now, the company has released its first game on iOS devices: Might Adventure. The game is described as a cross between a platformer and an “action adventure runner,” and sees users control colorful creatures in a quest to save their village elder from the “Big Boss.”


Sonic Jump Fever launches on iOS, Android

After announcing the game at E3 in June, SEGA Networks has released Sonic Jump Fever on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Hardlight Studios, the game is based on the 2012 title Sonic Jump, but offers an experience with an increased “sense of urgency.” In each round of the vertical jumping game, users tilt their device to guide Sonic, Knuckles and other characters ever higher into the sky, bouncing off of platforms and enemies while collecting rings and earning points.


Action RPG Evolution: Battle for Utopia launches on Google Play [Interview]


Back in April, released Evolution: Battle for Utopia on iOS devices. The game takes players to the planet of Utopia, which is inhabited by unwelcoming monsters. Players become stranded on the planet during an expedition, and must build a base and complete quests in order to survive in their new home. Now, a new set of gamers can get in on the fun, as Evolution has launched for free on Google Play for Android devices.


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