How to Make Your App Among the Financially Successful Apps

SuccessAccording to recent research from Gartner, less than 0.01% of mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers by 2018. So how can a developer’s app be among the financially successful apps? Beyond developing an app which 1) provides users with value, 2) for which they’ll pay, and 3) one that isn’t easily copied, developers need to look at app discovery and promotion as a source of revenue.


Kabam partners with Game Reign Network to bring GCLD to Western audiences


Kabam has announced a partnership with Shanghai-based studio Game Reign Network to bring popular Chinese strategy game Gong Chen Lue Di (GCLD) to worldwide audiences on both web and mobile. The game sees players building their army and collecting resources before entering into battle with others as they build their “ultimate kingdom.”


Mag+ launches Version 5.0 of mobile digital publishing platform

Digital publishing company Mag+ has announced the launch of version 5.0 of its platform, giving developers more choices and tools for creating mobile apps that offer high user engagement. This version’s main new upgrades include a better in-app storefront for driving downloads, alongside a real-time news feed.


Mobiroo launches “All You Can App” subscription service in Malaysia


Toronto-based Mobiroo will begin to offer its “apps on-demand” service in the Asia Pacific. Through a partnership with Malaysia’s biggest telecommunications provider, Celcom Axiata Berhad, Mobiroo will offer an “All You Can App” subscription service providing unlimited access to a selection of top paid apps and games. The service acts very similarly to the way Netflix or Spotify streaming works. The current app library is nearing over 750 with more titles added daily. (more…)

Report: 160 billion apps to be downloaded on mobile devices in 2017


According to new reports from Juniper Research and news site Cinema Blend, the mobile app market will expand to 160 billion downloads in 2017. Just in 2013, there is only a 80 billion download projection, which is already a significant increase year-to-year.

In its report entitled, “Future App Stores: Discovery, Moonetisation & Ecosystem Analysis 2013 – 2018,” Juniper Research discussed the app discovery and app store revenue. It also brought up new app discovery tools put in place to spread awareness to and increase downloads. The report specifically mentions the new Google Play Game Services feature which will make discovering apps that friends easier to find. It will also rank free apps higher than paid ones, increasing the total number of downloads for the year.

The numbers here show that the mobile market is constantly growing. Unlike other gaming platforms, mobile apps and downloads are not limited by hardware restraints and is the easiest to appeal to casual users. There are no signs of slowing for the industry.

For more information, refer to Juniper Research’s whitepaper available here.

Digital Chocolate launches real-money gaming title Slots! Pocket UK

Slots! Pocket UK logoSocial-mobile gaming developer Digital Chocolate today launched its first real-money gaming title Slots! Pocket UK for iOS in the U.K.

Powered by real-money gaming platform Betable, Slots! Pocket UK is a slots game that allows U.K. users the option to wager either real money or virtual currency and chips on pulls of the slot machine. Betable first announced its partnership with Digital Chocolate back in November 2012. Digital Chocolate is one of 10 developers so far to partner with Betable for its real-money gaming platform, which is still a private beta program. Betable handles all the real-money aspects of the game on the backend, including compliance, fraud prevention, identity checks, wagering, and gambling results, while Digital Chocolate can focus on the development of the actual game. In order for players to gamble with real money, they must be authenticated with Betable by signing up, depositing money, and more.Slots Pocket UK screenshot

“[Betable] helped us leapfrog the whole race into real-money gaming by allowing us to partner with them on their platform, and of course, they have the license in the U.K. to do real-money gaming,” Jason Loia, chief operating officer of Digital Chocolate, told Inside Mobile Apps.

There are about three ways to enter the real-money gaming market. First, an IP-licensing deal like how Zynga partnered with real-money games operator, where bwin makes a game that’s Zynga branded. Second, a developer can acquire their own real-money gaming license, but its a very expensive and long process. It costs millions of dollars and takes years to acquire a gambling license. Lastly, a developer can acquire a company that already has a real-money gaming license, but whatever developer that acquires a company with a license would have to restructure because they have to become compliant with whatever country’s government that allows real-money gaming. After analyzing its options, Loia says Digital Chocolate realized it couldn’t enter real-money gaming alone, and it didn’t have deep enough pockets to obtain a gambling license in each country where real-money gaming is legal. With Betable, Digital Chocolate gets to make its own game, control its IP, and have Betable do all the backend real-money gaming legwork, all under a fair revenue share model.

“There’s some bigger companies that are going after the licenses themselves, but for us and the majority of the gaming sector, it makes more sense to partner with experts in that field,” Loia says. “We’re not experts in real-money gaming law — Betable is. We’re experts in making great social games for mobile and web. The partnership makes total sense.”Slots Pocket UK screenshot

Slots! Pocket U.K. launches with seven thematically different slot machines, with more to come in the future. Themes in this release include a safari-themed slot machine, an underwater machine, a Wild West machine, and more, all with its own sound, characters and storyline. Each slot machine also features its own mini-game, which can be unlocked depending on the spin of the wheel. When completing mini games, users earn the chance to level up (users have to level up to unlock more slot machines) and win more. Lastly, the combination of potential winning spins increases based on the number of friends a player has.

The game also features an advanced power up system, which rewards users with virtual currency. For example, a player can take a chance and apply a multiplier to their spin, or they can throw an anchor to hold on to a specific reel within the machine, altering the outcome, or make a quake and shake the reel for a winning combination. No matter which power up a player utilizes, they earn bonus points. The real-money slot machines don’t have any of these power ups from the virtual-currency machines as the real-money machines look and feel like a slots machine a user would see in a casino.

Loia says the future for real-money gaming is when regulations open up even further so real-money gaming mechanics could be added to social gaming in general, not just casino games. Digital Chocolate’s portfolio mainly consists of free-to-play social games like social racer Race Track Rivals (review), medieval fighting game Kings and Warlords, city building game Millionaire City and more.

“The more exciting thing about real-money gaming is when you can couple the broad reach of those social games with the massive monetization that real-money gaming brings to the table,” he says. “That’s when it truly explodes and changes gaming forever.”

Scringo aims to help developers by increasing user engagement, distribution and monetization

Scringo logo

Mobile app developers can now add social engagement features, two-way messaging, a real-time news feed and more to their apps in minutes with Scringo. The new product provides mobile app developers with those features to help them increase user engagement, distribution and monetization.

The product was described by Scringo co-founder and CEO Ran Avrahamy as “one place for developers to simply choose what they want to do and add to their app.” Basically, a developer can add a slide-in and slide-out handle UI that can be implemented on the righthand or lefthand side of their app. In this sidebar hub, developers can add features like a news feed or messaging system to their app.

Developers can manage features in their app via Scringo’s dashboard called the Developer Zone, featuring drag-and-drop customization for all the features that appear in the sidebar, without having to update their app via an app store. The Developer Zone also provides insights gained from users using Scringo, including the ability to see user metrics like location, platform, device and more.

Scringo’s main feature is its real-time activity feed. Basically, a developer can add an in-app social network to their app, which in turn, may increase user engagement. Developers can call for an activity inside of their app to appear in the activity feed. E.g. a developer can add a line of code to an app like Shazam, so when a user listens to a song, that action will be added to the activity feed. Developers can also implement a favorite button into the feed — e.g. a like, high-five or heart.  Avrahamy adds that Scringo is suitable for content-centric apps such as music, video or picture apps.Scringo activity feed screenshot

Scringo also adds a messaging layer to an app. Users can message other people using the same app or even the app developer. The ability for developers to directly contact their users could help developers with quickly responding to feedback, reporting bugs, fielding suggestions for new app features and more.

Scringo also developed its own contextual and content-based algorithms, which suggests to the user people to follow based on a user’s gender, age and location. Users can log in to Scringo with their Facebook or Twitter credentials, which will create a personal app profile for the user within Scringo. Users can also find and invite friends through Scringo to use the app they are using. In essence, users would be doing the work for the developer to spread their app virally.Scringo dashboard

Before officially launching today, Scringo was in closed beta testing for months. More than one thousand developers participated in the beta, with Scringo integrated into more than 250 apps. Data from the beta showed that its product increased the average user time spent in an app by 97 percent and the average number of recurring sessions by 89 percent.

“[The beta] gave us amazing information about those users and seeing what’s keeping them inside the app,” Avrahamy says.

Avrahamy says the eight-month old startup received an undisclosed amount of seed round funding from an unnamed venture capital firm from Israel.

Developers can download Scringo’s free iOS or Android SDK here, which can be implemented in minutes, Avrahamy says.

Males dominate the gender distribution in dating apps, Flurry says

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, mobile app monetization company Flurry released data regarding dating app usage, finding nearly twice as many active male users as active female users.flurry-logo-250-250

More specifically, males accounted for 64 percent of dating app usage and females for 36 percent.

For this report, Flurry analyzed 20 top dating apps, which accounted for 17 million active users delivering more than 2.1 billion sessions in January.

Flurry also broke down gender distribution of dating app users by operating system, finding that iOS had a more balanced distribution, with males accounting for 55 percent of the user base and females for 45 percent. However on Android, males accounted for 66 percent of dating app usage, while females accounted for 34 percent.

Age-wise, Android was the platform of choice among the younger adult crowd, with 38 percent of users under the age of 25.

Lastly, Flurry saw that users generally open their dating apps eight times a week and use the apps for 71 seconds at a time. Flurry saw even more usage on dating apps for gay men, where people usually use them 22 times a week for 99 seconds at a time.

Flurry Valentine's Day 2013 chart 1

App discovery service AppGratis raises $13.5M in Series A funding, delivers up to 700,000 installs for app developers

iOS app discovery service AppGratis announced a $13.5 million Series A round of funding today led by Iris Capital, with participation from Orange Publicis Fund.AppGratis app icon

AppGratis is an app that features one free app a day and sometimes an app that’s heavily discounted as well.

“I look at the market today and I see people throwing millions [of dollars] at building the most complex technologies around app discovery. We’re throwing a lot of money at building the simplest product you can find in the market today,” AppGratis founder and CEO Simon Dawlat told Inside Mobile Apps.

Since AppGratis’ launch in the U.S. last week, the app has already reached the one million new user mark, and reached as high as the No. 6 spot on the top free iPhone apps chart. Dawlat also claims that AppGratis can deliver between 500,000 to 700,000 installs for an app in a day.AppGratis screenshot

“From all the approaches to app discovery, we’ve set out for the simplest one, which is featuring a great free app every day and giving this app a hell of a lot of exposure among our community of app shoppers,” Dawlat says.

One of the apps AppGratis featured, Etermax’s word game Word Crack, generated 701,556 downloads on Jan. 12, according to a tweet from the official Word Crack Twitter account.Word Crack tweet

AppGratis, which was founded in 2011, currently has more than seven million users worldwide and more than two million daily active users (DAUs). It’s available in more than 120 countries including Japan, Brazil and now the U.S.

Paris-based AppGratis, which currently has 40 employees, makes money through a cost per install (CPI) model with big brand apps and through a revenue share model with indie developers, who don’t necessarily have a big budget. When working with indies, AppGratis gets a cut from monetization methods in the indie developer’s app, such as advertising or in-app purchases.

The new funding AppGratis received will be used to scale the company globally, hire top talent, and build on their app’s self-learning technology which will recommend certain apps to users once it learns enough about a particular user’s downloading habits.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, AppGratis is currently the No. 6 ranked app on the top free iPhone apps chart.

W3i’s Erik Lundberg on Android games monetization, tablet dominance, closing the gap with iOS

Monetization and insights provider W3i is stepping up its game with Pocket Gems and other mobile game developers on Android going into 2013. This could be the year that Google’s platform finally catches up in revenues to Apple’s iOS.

Through its expanded partnership with Pocket Games, W3i now provides monetization solutions to Tap Paradise Cove and Campus Life. Far from being mere banner ads, the monetization service focuses instead on providing a native experience in these Android apps — tailoring ads, offers and video campaigns to the user experience.

Erik Lundberg, General Manager at W3i’s San Francisco office (pictured), explains that the shift toward native experiences comes from mobile advertising finally moving away from online advertising models. With 15 years in online ads before joining W3i just eight months ago, he’s had time to study the changing trends.

“In the early days of ads and mobile apps, people took online models and slapped them on a smartphone like small banner ads that are only 100 pixels wide,” says Lundberg. “Users have tuned those out. More native ads like a full screen interstitial or offer-based ads, we see a much higher CPM, like 10 times higher. We think that trend will continue toward native ads that are a part of the application instead of just throwing up a banner.”


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