DataPoint: Candy Crush Saga Continues to Grow – But Will It Sustain?


When King Digital Entertainment, the makers of the hugely-popular Candy Crush Saga, filed for an IPO last month, there was no shortage of speculation about the company’s sustainability. Even though the game maker racked up $1.88 billion in revenue last year (largely relying on Candy Crush Saga), there were some worrying signs already. Besides the troubling performances of other social-gaming companies like Zynga, King saw its revenue decline by about $20,000 between Q3 and Q4 of last year, while its profits declined by over $70,500 in the same time period.


DataPoint: Did you know that King has more DAUs than Zynga has MAUs?

According to AppData, King has taking the crown.
Developer MAU 1/1/14 DAU  1/1/14
Zynga 86 million 15.7 million
King 254.5 million 109 million


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DataPoint: King’s Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users (DAU) on Facebook are off the charts.

According to AppData, King’s daily active users (DAU) continue to grow.
How is King doing as a developer?  

  • October 1, 2013:   AppData is estimating 248.9 million MAUs and million 82.2 DAUs.
  • November 1, 2013:   AppData is estimating 246 million MAUs and 83.1 million DAUs.
  • December 1, 2013:  AppData is estimating 246 million MAUs and 83.1 million DAUs.
  • January 1, 2014:  AppData is estimating 254.5 million MAUs and 109 million DAUs.
For more information, visit AppData or call us at 415-230-2558.

Instagram video a week later: Vine falling fast


According to MarketingLand using Topsy’s free analytics tool, Twitter users are sharing Vine videos less and less since Instagram introduced video to its app last Thursday. The amount of Vine shares on Twitter took a significant dip after the June 20th announcement and has not recovered since.


Report: King preparing for IPO


King, creators of hugely popular Candy Crush Saga, is reportedly in consultation with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Credit Suisse Group and Bank of America and considering a U.S. IPO later this year, according to the WSJ.


Top 5: What apps appeal more on iPhone than iPad?

appdataInside Network’s AppData is a system for tracking metrics across a broad range of apps. One of its simplest and most straightforward services charts app popularity on iPhone and iPad in a variety of flavors, ranging from top grossing to top paid losers.

On the iPad, the five most popular free apps are Candy Crush Saga, Dumb Ways to Die, Bird Zapper, What’s Behind HD, and Crazy Dentist. If these five were not enough to convince, a look at the ten free apps following them makes it crystal clear: on the iPad, games rule the roost. (more…)

AppData Analytics Service Introduces iOS Revenue Estimates

AppDataApplication analytics provider AppData announced the launch of its proprietary iOS application and developer revenue estimates. Metrics are provided by week, month, and year-to-date for the top grossing applications and developers on iOS.

App revenue is attributed to either app purchase price or in-app purchases for each application. Developer revenue is shown in context with the overall number of apps and app titles the developer has published.

Mobile app developers and investors will now be able to gain insight into the financial success of competing applications and studios in their market with these estimates, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

This new feature is available as part of a subscription to AppData for Mobile Apps, AppData Pro, or AppData Custom. Learn more on the AppData site.

Rovio announces Rovio Stars Publishing Initiative


Finnish mobile game developer and creator of Angry Birds Rovio Entertainment announced the launch of its third-party mobile game publishing initiative, Rovio Stars.

Icerbreaker: A Viking Voyage by developer Nitrome will be the first game published under the Rovio Stars Program, followed by Spanish developer 5 Ants’ stealth puzzle game, Tiny Thief.

Many mobile game developers like Pocket Gems, Zynga, and Kabam have launched their own third-party publishing programs recently, and we’ve heard rumors Rovio would launch a similar program for a while. In January, all but confirmed the program’s existance when it reported that 5 Ants had been signed with Rovio but at the time we weren’t certian that this was not a talent acquisition.

“Rovio Entertainment has positioned itself as one of the powerhouses of mobile entertainment, so moving into publishing is a logical step for us at this point”, Rovio’s executive vice president of games Jami Laes said in a statment. “We want to help our fans find quality entertainment among the more than 100,000 games available in app stores. That’s where Rovio Stars comes in.”

Games that leverage Rovio’s Angry Birds brand are immensely successful, with titles showing up at the top of our weekly charts regularly, but the developer’s more recent titles based on new IP have struggled. Amazing Alex, Rovio’s first new IP after Angry Birds, is currently the No. 258 top paid app in the games genre according to traffic tracking service AppData. The Croods, based on the DreamWorks animated motion picture, is currently the No. 247 top grossing app in the games genre.

Rovio said that Icerbreaker: A Viking Voyage is “coming soon” to iOS. Check back in with Inside Social Games for our full review.

Please Stop Copying Instagram

NOTinstagram-logoThere are currently almost 1.5 million apps available in the iTunes and Android app stores. The selection means that no matter what your need, there is at least one or — more likely — dozens of apps to meet your needs. Nowhere does this seem to be more apparent than in the fast-growing photography category. Defined by Instagram’s flagship success, the photography app market seems to be at a crossroads. In the quest to become the next Instagram, many developers have instead chosen to make Instagram again, and again, and again.

To a certain extent, the proliferation of photo apps is good business sense. The rise of smartphones and their high-quality, built in cameras means photographers are no longer required to carry expensive, single-purpose equipment with them to take photos. Smartphones also mean the average consumer will always have a camera on hand, making photography an easy hobby to pick up. Since these devices are capable of storing hundreds or even thousands of pictures, it is now possible to take dozens of photos in the pursuit of a perfect image. Even when things don’t turn out as we hoped, we can add filters, effects, frames and artful blurs to hide the flaws in our images. Developers have responded to our sudden interest in photography by providing us with hundreds, if not thousands of new options for altering and sharing them.

Feature comparisonThe first wave of photography apps may have sprung up to serve a brand new, fast-growing market, but now the vast majority of photography apps seem to be more interested in fast follow, not innovation. For every high quality photo app, there are dozens of half-baked copies, and single-featured services with poor implementation.

Near the end of October, Inside Mobile Apps began to shift its reviews focus from games to other app types. Since that change, 18 of those — almost a quarter of all the reviews we have published – have been for photography apps. Ten of the 18 apps reviewed since then included their own social networks. Eleven were designed around sharing content and eight offered Instagram-style filters. Most contained overlapping feature sets.

Compare that to the second most popular review category: productivity. Out of the 16 productivity apps reviewed, four were note taking apps, three were task managers, two each were contact managers and slide presentation managers. There were single occurrences of chore tracking, translation, password management, voice memo and document signing apps. While we reviewed nearly as many productivity apps as photography apps, the productivity apps showed a much wider range of differentiating factors. Even when we reviewed two productivity apps with the same purpose, there was differentiation in the product. Both Wunderlist and Clear are glorified to-do lists, but they have features, use cases and user interfaces to differentiate it from its competitors. Why isn’t this variety found in photography apps?

Most smartphone photographers are not looking for another, more specific iteration of Instagram. Do people really want to load up a separate app just to view a social network filled with panorama photos? Do people really need to download an app so they can link and share a series of photos together? If the performance of Story and PanoPerfect are any indication to go by, probably not.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.22.45 PM

Not exactly burning up the charts.

Of course, a smartphone owner can and will use multiple photography services depending on their needs. There is no reason not post photos to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, each service filling its own specific niche. There is also the possibility of disruption — a MySpace-like fall from popularity that could see Instagram lose favor and a new photo-based social network take its place. One could also see a Tumblr-like rise, growing quietly and amassing an enormous userbase in the process. There may be dozens of reasons to keep making better photography apps, but there are many more reasons not to keep making the same ones over and over again.

DeNA’s Blood Brothers surpasses Rage of Bahamut for top spot on U.S. Google Play’s top grossing apps chart

DeNA announced today that RPG Blood Brothers reached the No. 1 spot in the U.S. for the first time on Google Play’s top grossing apps chart over the past weekend.

Cygames developed card battler Rage of Bahamut, another DeNA game, held the No. 1 position for more than six months since April 22, until it was dethroned by Blood Brothers on Sunday, according to our traffic tracking service AppData. Blood Brothers has also reached the No. 1 spot on the Android top grossing apps chart in 22 countries including Canada, France and Sweden.Blood Brothers

DeNA recently purchased a 20 percent share of developer Cygames  for $92 million in an effort to strengthen the alliance between the two companies. DeNA also reported its highest ever revenues at $627 million, with $254 million in profit for the quarter ending on Sept. 30.

Blood Brothers is joined by two other Mobage titles, Rage of Bahamut and Marvel: War of Heroes, in the top 10 on Google Play’s U.S. top grossing apps chart.

Blood Brothers currently sits at the No. 2 spot in the top grossing apps category for Android, with Rage of Bahamut reclaiming the No. 1 spot, according to AppData.Blood Brothers AppData

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