Appboy Launches Install Attribution Technology to Improve Mobile Marketing

Appboy Install AttributionAppboy, which focuses on marketing automation for apps, has announced the launch of its install attribution feature, which helps marketers identify the steps a user has taken before downloading an app. When this new technology is used alongside Appboy’s existing user segmentation tools (and other products), companies can specifically target users based on their app install sources, and therefore communicate with them as effectively as possible going forward.


Trick or Treat? The Frightening Tale of Incentivized User Acquisition


Gather ‘round for a spooky tale, as we reveal the dark side of User Acquisition strategies.

For mobile app marketers looking to grow a user-base (commonly via install campaigns), deciding how to attract high-value users is a complex matter. The first strategic decision is often deciding on the environment in which you will promote your app, with two polarizing options to consider: The incentivized environment vs. the incentive-free environment. Trick or Treat, indeed.

(more…) Now Has an Augmented Reality App for Online Art Purchases

pixelAugmented reality sounds altogether futuristic, but it’s actually a fairly common visualization technique that’s even employed by the United States Postal Service. Would you use it to buy art? This app from lets you do just that: use augmented reality imagery in order to preview art purchases before making an economic investment. (more…)

Notific Created a Lockscreen Notification Command Center Worth Using

notification app

Do you dream of easily controlling your lockscreen notifications for your Android phone? If not, you should probably still give Notific a try. It’s a lockscreen app that allows you to access and interact with your notifications without unlocking your phone. (more…)

Behold: The Internet Gave us Seinfeld and Emojis in 1 App


The strange and entertaining Twitter account, Seinfeld Current Day, combines poor grammar and garbled English to keep Seinfeld fans entertained, and now, also lets them communicate using custom Seinfeld emojis. (more…)

Overcast Provides a Better Podcast Experience


From one of the makers of Instapaper, Marco Arment, comes Overcast, an app devoted to the art of Podcasts. It’s a simple, clean app that offers premium features to podcast devotees.

Casual podcast listeners will be content with the clean iOs 7 interface, but $4.99 will unlock all of the app’s premium features, including these two notables: (more…)

ASPCA Launches Free App for Locating Missing Pets

aspca pet app

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has a new app for pet owners. It’s particularly useful for when the worst might happen – if you have a missing pet or if you’re in a natural disaster. The app will guide you through the information in case of emergencies, and it will also help you generate missing pet posters to get the word out on all of your social networks.   (more…)

Vent Helps You Share Discontent Anonymously, Socially

vent appSocial places like Facebook allow you to “like” or “block” users and statuses, so if you’re ever gone on an angry, public rant, you may have lost a few friends in the process.  That’s why apps like Secret and Awkward exist, but if you want even more options for anonymous ranting, try Vent. Venting is an escape from frustration.


Use This Awkward App to Reveal Your Secrets With Public, Blurry Videos


You might have a secret, but why keep it? Share it using this Awkward video app and then the whole world will know. At the very least you can commiserate with strangers. Appealing, right? Internet secrets are the best kinds of secrets. Remember Post Secret? They were extremely popular. Well, they are still popular, but it’s not exactly app-friendly since you have to send a real, physical postcard to a real physical address. Someone then has to upload it to the Internet for all to see. (more…)

Typing on Miniature Smartwatches Might Be Possible With This Mini Keyboard App

Smart watches aren’t especially known for their great keyboard options due to their tiny screen sizes, but now, there’s an option that’s coming to an Android smartwatch near you: Minuum.

Minuum works by predicting what you’re likely to type next. Using its intelligent word-recognition technology, Minuum may offer smartwatch users the ability to type easily – but should they? (more…)

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