Mextures, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Grandma’s Kitchen and more on this week’s top paid apps charts

app-data-logo-304-200Photo filtering app Mextures, which is currently featured in the New and Noteworthy category, rocketed up the top paid iPhone apps chart this week, crash landing at the No. 4 spot as of today. Developer Aspyr Media’s port of BioWare’s original Xbox RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic launched last week with a $9.99 price tag, and the title has already claimed the No. 1 spot on the top paid iPad apps chart. Developer Fairlady Media’s Grandma’s Kitchen released last week at special introductory price of $0.99 (the price will raise to $1.99 soon), which resulted in the kids game taking the No. 6 position for iPad.

The top paid Android apps chart stood still week-over-week, with the usual suspects in the top 25.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

Name Rank Change In App Purchases
1. WhatsApp Messenger 1 = No
2. Heads Up! 2 = Yes
3. Minecraft – Pocket Edition 3 = No
4. Mextures 4 = No
5. Survivalcraft 5 = No
6. AfterLight 6 = No
7. Doodle God 7 = Yes
8. Kick the Buddy: No Mercy 8 = No
9. Plague Inc. 9 = Yes
10. Analog Camera 10 ▲1 No
11. Stickman Tennis 11 ▲1 No
12. A Beautiful Mess 12 ▲1 No
13. Camera+ 13 ▼3 Yes
14. Plants vs. Zombies 14 = Yes
15. Levitagram 15 No
16. Arms Cartel Global 16 ▲4 Yes
17. TETRIS 17 ▼2 Yes
18. Speech Zapper 18 ▲101 No
19. Bloons TD 5 19 ▼3 Yes
20. Emoji Emoticons Pro 20 ▼1 No
21. 1Password 21 ▲27 No
22. Temple Run: Oz 22 ▼5 Yes
23. Angry Birds Star Wars 23 ▼5 Yes
24. PokéBuilder 24 ▼3 No
25.x Fruit Ninja 25 ▼3 Yes


Zynga’s annual shareholder meeting focuses on real-money gaming

Zynga script logoZynga today held its annual stockholders meeting in San Francisco, which heavily focused on the game company’s real-money gaming efforts, an anonymous shareholder told PandoDaily.

Zynga’s shareholder meeting comes one day after the company just laid off 18 percent of its staff (520 employees) and shut down three of its offices — Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York — including Omgpop‘s office. (more…)

Report: Omgpop shut downs as part of Zynga’s restructuring

Omgpop logoAs part yesterday’s staff purging at Zynga, which saw 520 employees lose their jobs, in other words 18 percent of its staff, Zynga shut down Draw Something developer Omgpop’s office, according to a report from The Verge.

Along with the layoffs, Zynga shut down its Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York offices. But, Zynga New York does include Omgpop, and now former Omgpop employees are making it public on Twitter that they are out of jobs. (more…)

Hi Guess the Brand, Snoopy Coaster, Tetris Blitz and more on this week’s top free apps charts

AppData logoBrand guessing puzzle game Hi Guess the Brand from developer Man Zhang grabbed the No. 2 spot on the top free iPhone apps chart and the No. 9 spot on the top free iPad apps chart. Chillingo’s roller coaster game Snoopy Coaster rolled its way to the No. 1 position for iPad anad No. 5 position for iPhone, a little less than a week after launch. 

TETRIS Blitz, the new Tetris mobile game that can be played in two-minute bursts from Electronic Arts. nabbed the No. 23 spot on this week’s top free Android apps chart.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

Name Rank Change In App Purchases
1. Dumb Ways to Die 1 = No
2. Hi Guess the Brand 2 ▲1 No
3. Candy Crush Saga 3 ▼1 Yes
4. Vine 4 = No
5. Snoopy Coaster 5 = No
6. Turbo Racing League 6 ▲2 No
7. Tetris Blitz 7 ▼1 No
8. Snapchat 8 ▼1 No
9. Crazy Dentist 9 ▲5 Yes
10. Fast & Furious 6: Le Jeu 10 ▼1 No
11. The Pic Game! 11 = No
12. Empires: World War 12 ▲6 Yes
13. 13 ▼1 No
14. Little Dentist 14 ▼4 Yes
15. Google Maps 15 ▼2 No
16. Instagram 16 ▼1 No
17. Running with Friends 17 ▲3 No
18. YouTube 18 ▼1 No
19. PicLab 19 ▲3 No
21. Hardest Game Ever 2 21 = No
22. Icon Pop Song 22 ▼6 No
23. Maquillage Salon 23 ▲3 No
24. Guitar! by Smule 24 ▼1 No
25.x Dots: A Game About Connecting 25 ▼6 Yes


This week’s top free iPad apps

Name Rank Change In App Purchases
1. Snoopy Coaster 1 = No
2. The Pic Game HD 2 ▲2 No
3. Candy Crush Saga 3 = Yes
4. Dumb Ways to Die 4 ▼2 No
5. Crazy Dentist 5 ▲1 Yes
6. Slots Crush HD 6 ▲1 No
7. Tetris Blitz 7 ▼2 No
8. Dots: A Game About Connecting 8 = Yes
9. Hi Guess the Brand 9 ▲1 No
10. Babies & Puppies 10 ▼1 No
11. Turbo Racing League 11 ▲2 No
12. Princess Salon 12 ▲3 No
13. Stomach Surgery 13 ▼2 No
14. Musyc 14 ▼2 No
15. Little Dentist 15 ▼1 Yes
16. UNO & Friends 16 ▲5 No
17. Jetez-vous à l’eau en été 17 ▲6 No
18. Monsters University: Catch Archie 18 ▼1 No
19. Real Piano HD Pro 19 ▼3 No
20. YouTube 20 = No
21. WatchESPN 21 ▲7 No
22. Fast & Furious 6: Le Jeu 22 ▼4 No
23. Pet Beauty Salon 23 ▼4 No
24. Skype for iPad 24 ▲2 Yes
25.x Netflix 25 ▼1 No


This week’s top free Android apps

Name Rank Change
1. Facebook 1 =
2. Candy Crush Saga 2 =
3. Pandora 3 =
4. Instagram 4 =
5. Facebook Messenger 5 =
6. Hardest Game Ever 2 6 =
7. Skype 7 ▲1
8. Turbo Racing League 8 ▲3
9. Netflix 9 =
10. Subway Surfers 10 =
11. Snapchat 11 ▲2
12. Fast & Furious 6: The Game 12 =
13. Twitter 13 ▲1
14. Kik Messenger 14 ▲1
15. Temple Run 2 15 ▲1
16. ZEDGE 16 ▲1
17. The Weather Channel 17 ▲1
18. Tango 18 ▲2
19. Brightest Flashlight Free 19 =
20. Yahoo! Mail 20 ▲4
21. iHeartRadio 21 ▲2
22. Bejeweled Blitz 22 =
23. TETRIS Blitz 23 ▼2
24. eBay 24 ▲2
25.x Shazam 25 ▲3


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.


5th Planet Games launches Dawn of the Dragons for Android

5th Planet Games logoGame developer 5th Planet Games today launched Dawn of the Dragons for Android in North America (and worldwide later this week). The social MMO has come along way for the indie developer who first launched the title on Facebook back in May 2010, and later released for Kongregate and Armor Games.

We first heard about Dawn of Dragons flying its way to mobile for iOS in January, and then the game hit the Apple App Store weeks later in February (review). Chief mobile officer Rob Carroll told us that there’s no differences between the iOS and Android versions, but users can play simultaneously with other players on either platform. As for cross-platform play between the mobile offerings and the web-based versions, 5th Planet Games decided to not let the mobile and web versions talk to each other due to the game being developed in Adobe Air and to allow the mobile version to have its own exclusive content. Carroll also adds the Android port was published in partnership with 5th Planet Games by an unnamed publisher (the studio will announce details about the publisher soon). (more…)

Zynga lays off 18 percent of its employees, shuts down 3 offices

Zynga logoZynga today let go 18 percent of its employees (approximately 520 people) after shutting down its Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City studios. The studios that were shut down was first reported by AllThingsD. A small portion of the 18 percent were let go from Zynga’s Los Angeles office, which saw 55 employees losing their jobs, according to a tweet from an artist at the Los Angeles studio. Empires & Allies, the first game for Facebook from the Los Angeles studio, will be shut down on June 17. The layoffs and cost cuts will be completed by August.

According to a release from Zynga, the move will result in an estimated $70 million to $80 million in pre-tax annualized cash expense savings.Zynga revenue slide Q1 2013 earnings report

In February, Zynga closed it’s Baltimore studio as well as relocated its Mckinney, Texas and downtown Austin offices to its Dallas and North Austin Offices. The New York City offices saw consolidation as well, with the staff moving to the New York City mobile studio before being completely shut down today. In October 2012, Zynga laid off more than 100 employees, axing employees from its Chicago office, while completely closing down its Boston office. (more…)

Twitter launches Vine for Android, iOS version reaches 13M downloads

Vine app iconTwitter today announced the launch of Vine, it’s 6-second video sharing app, for Android. Twitter also revealed that Vine (review) has reached 13 million downloads on iOS just five months after the launch of the app.

Twitter says the feature set between the iOS and Android versions is different, but it plans to get the Android version up to par with the iOS soon. Although, the Android version does launch with a zoom functionality that’s not present in the iOS version. Upcoming features for Vine include front-facing camera functionality, search, mentions and hashtags, Facebook sharing, and general bug fixes and performance improvements.Onavo Insights Vine


Exclusive: HitFox’s AppLift raises $13M from Prime Ventures

HitFox head logoHitFox today announced that its mobile game marketing platform AppLift raised $13 million from venture capital and growth equity firm Prime Ventures. This is AppLift’s second round of funding, after recieving its first round of funding from HitFox, an incubator focused on investing and acquiring game distribtuion and user acquisition startups.

AppLift co-founder and U.S. general manager Hanno Fichtner told Inside Mobile Apps that AppLift is generating more than one million installs per game a month for their top publishing partners. He adds that one game in the top three on the top grossing apps chart from a particular publisher, which wasn’t named, is receiving the most installs from AppLift, even more than from Facebook or Google referrals. When we last heard about install figures from AppLift, the service was driving 10,000 installs per game a day, which is approximately 300,000 a month. (more…)

Inside Social Apps profile: GREE’s Sho Masuda

Sho Masuda headshotEditor’s Note: Sho Masuda is vice president of marketing at mobile-social gaming giant GREE. Here’s look into what will be talked about at the “Platform Opportunities for Social Apps” session at Inside Network’s Inside Social Apps conference June 6 to 7.

Inside Mobile Apps: iOS and Android have remained the two top mobile platforms. Is there no more room or opportunity for another competitor to reach a similar market share? Is Windows Phone and Blackberry’s days numbered?

Sho Masuda: iOS and Android have absolutely dominated the market and have done a fabulous job of building an ecosystem of mobile content. Specific to gaming, smartphones and tablets are now the primary devices for gaming-on-the-go,  Where before players couldn’t see past the traditional console first parties for gaming outside of the living room, we are now seeing mobile studios generating millions in revenue daily.

I do believe the market is cyclical and the audience is always looking for the next best thing so there is definitely room for another competitor to swoop in with something completely unexpected. That said, Apple and Android have been leading the market and will likely continue to lead and innovate how people use their devices. I don’t see them losing that market share anytime soon.

As for Windows Phone, Blackberry, or what may be coming — there is potential for them all. This industry is so young and just at the start of what it can do. To put it numerically — there are one billion smartphone users out there and six billion mobile subscribers worldwide — we have just scratched the surface and there is so much more to come.

IMA: Where do you think the relationship between Samsung and Google is heading?

Google and Samsung have had an exceptionally strong relationship to date and it is clear that Samsung has built some of the best Android-operated hardware on the market. One thing we are missing when it comes with Android is the one tablet that owns the Android market — the one that can truly go head-to-head with the iPad. That is definitely something we — as gaming developers — are looking forward to.

Mobile apps news roundup: Login with Amazon, Google Play app revenue catches up, Scopely hires former Zynga GM and more

google_logo_33Google Play Music coming to iOS soon, says Sundar Pichai – Google senior vice president of Android, Chrome, and Apps, Sundar Pichai announced at the AllThingsD D11 conference that the new Google Play Music service will be coming to iOS soon. Music streaming service Google Play Music is Google’s response to Apple’s iTunes and Spotify.

amazon-logoAmazon announces Login with Amazon, competes with Facebook Connect, Google+ Sign-In – Amazon announced a new service this week called Login with Amazon, which allows users to sign into apps, games, websites and other services using their existing Amazon credentials with just the click of a button. Most mobile apps integrate Facebook Connect, and Google recently announced Google+ Sign-In, so Amazon is entering a crowded log-in space.

distimoDistimo’s April 2013 report: Google Play’s app revenue market share up 8% since November, DeNA sees even revenue from both major app stores – App tracking company Distimos April 2013 report revealed that Google Play’s app revenue market share between the two major app stores — Google Play and the Apple App Store — moved from 19 percent to 27 percent since November 2012, an 8 percent increase. One particular developer that’s generating nearly an equal amount of money on both app stores is DeNA. Games from the mobile-social gaming giant generated more than $5.1 million on Google Play in April and $5.6 million on the Apple App Store.

Line app iconLine adds first video game makers to its platform in Square Enix, Konami, Koei Tecmo – Japan’s leading messaging app Line, which has 160 million users worldwide now, has been very selective with adding games to its games platform for Line. Line is still closed to third-party game developers, but the company has recently brought on games from Square Enix, Konami and Koei Tecmo.

puzzle-and-dragons-app-icon-roundupPuzzle & Dragons reaches 14M users – Developer GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons is showing no signs of slow down. The puzzle and RPG hybrid added a million players in under three weeks again — for the 12 time in a row.

scopelyScopely hires former Zynga GM Reed Shaffner – Interactive content company Scopely added former Zynga general manager Reed Shaffner to head its product team. Shaffner will be tasked with overseeing games from the Los Angeles-based company’s developer partners as well as its infrastructure.

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