How to Drive Cost Efficient, Highly Qualified Game Installs

tresensaWinter is almost here. And along with the foul weather comes bleak news that the cost-per-install (CPI) fees for driving native game app store downloads are set to double or even triple to the $8 to $10 CPI range within the next twelve months, largely driven by social casino companies with large, ever growing war chests to spend acquiring new users.

The escalating costs of app store discovery will finally force game studios to seek out alternative and creative ways to market their games. The status quo will simply not cut it anymore.


Three Benefits of Programmatic Buying for Mobile

Weather or NotOver the summer, self-proclaimed media curmudgeon Charles Warner wrote a eulogy of sorts for the publishing industry, dated for July 2020. Albeit creative, the post was a dramatic spin on the issue that currently has CMOs in a state of sustained concern: programmatic buying.

The more likely press release distributed in 2020 on the topic is about the mutually beneficial results that publishers and buyers have found due to the efficiency and accuracy of the technology behind programmatic buying. In a marketing or advertising campaign, execution is just as important as the big picture and programmatic buying will assist in executing efficiently, even allowing for more time to focus on the big picture. Here are three benefits of programmatic buying, and how marketers in the mobile ecosystem can reap the rewards. (more…)

Five Mobile User Acquisition Tips for 2015


Image via TapSense

The mobile app marketing world is a complex ecosystem. Gone are the “infancy days” of mobile. Unlike the desktop marketing world where tools are more developed through cookies, pixels, etc., the mobile marketing world can be tough to navigate; especially for marketing and user acquisition managers. How do you go about acquiring mobile users? Here are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind as you attract users to your app:


Dumped! 6 Reasons Why Users Deleted Your App

It seems like it was only yesterday that you met at the AppStore. They sneaked a peek at your cool screenshots, you offered a great deal, and an instant connection was made. But then, without warning, you woke up and realized they were gone. You have been deleted. So put down the ice-cream and tissues, and let’s get you closure. Listed below are a few more-than-possible reasons your why users moved on:


Trick or Treat? The Frightening Tale of Incentivized User Acquisition


Gather ‘round for a spooky tale, as we reveal the dark side of User Acquisition strategies.

For mobile app marketers looking to grow a user-base (commonly via install campaigns), deciding how to attract high-value users is a complex matter. The first strategic decision is often deciding on the environment in which you will promote your app, with two polarizing options to consider: The incentivized environment vs. the incentive-free environment. Trick or Treat, indeed.


Show Me the Money: Four Tips to Completely Nail App Monetization

mobile adsEverywhere we turn there’s a new article on how “mobile is eating the world.” While some are just now jumping on the mobile bandwagon, others have focused on mobile for years. Experienced developers know that the key to making a business out of a mobile app is to plan for monetization from the beginning, consider multiple monetization strategies and constantly iterate.

As people spend more and more time on their smartphones, one clear path to monetization is the increased revenue opportunity that mobile ads present. It seems pretty simple: leverage compelling ads to make more money. But as the landscape evolves and more apps hit the market, it’s important to stay focused on user experience — even with the ads. Top developers do an excellent job of focusing on both user experience and monetization. We took a look at top developers and found four core themes they all employ to optimize ads for higher monetization:


5 Cool Replacements for Default Android Apps


One of the great things about having an Android device is the possibility to customize. Bored with an app, the way your homescreen looks, or what is displayed on your lockscreen? No problem, you can replace anything in seconds. This also goes for the core applications, you can even substitute your calendar, dialer, email client, and contact list easily. This list contains some of my favorites — all of them are free, with some offering in-app purchases.


Are App Install Ads Holding the Mobile Market Back?

Facebook mobile app install ads

There’s a truth about the mobile ad market that’s rarely discussed. Mobile has been the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry, but the statistics can be misleading. Most of the money in mobile advertising today comes from apps and games advertising themselves in other apps and games, not from big brands running ads. Recently though, growth has been slowing as many big game publishers have become unwilling to run ads for competitors’ products.


4 Ways Mobile App Engagement Can Grow Your Small Businesses

AppPromosAccording to the Pew Research Internet Project, 91 percent of American adults own a mobile phone, and more than half use them to access the Internet. For small businesses, this means that maintaining a mobile presence is highly important, if not essential. People want access to information more quickly and more easily than ever. Mobile applications work in real time, all the time so your small business can be open all day, all night and on weekends! Real time and on-the-go-access opens the door to new, potential customers and keeps loyal customers engaged.

Should you build a custom app for your business?


Reimagining App Ads


App install ads is a fast growing business and one of the primary channels mobile developers rely on to acquire users. While new ad formats have been developed in recent years, the general flow of an app ad has been the same since the AdMob days. It’s essentially, 1) show users a creative in the form of an image and 2) take users to the app store and hope they install the app.

But ad networks know that most users sent to the app store do not convert. In fact, only around 3-5 percent of clicks turn into installs. Why?


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