Are App Install Ads Holding the Mobile Market Back?

Facebook mobile app install ads

There’s a truth about the mobile ad market that’s rarely discussed. Mobile has been the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry, but the statistics can be misleading. Most of the money in mobile advertising today comes from apps and games advertising themselves in other apps and games, not from big brands running ads. Recently though, growth has been slowing as many big game publishers have become unwilling to run ads for competitors’ products.


4 Ways Mobile App Engagement Can Grow Your Small Businesses

AppPromosAccording to the Pew Research Internet Project, 91 percent of American adults own a mobile phone, and more than half use them to access the Internet. For small businesses, this means that maintaining a mobile presence is highly important, if not essential. People want access to information more quickly and more easily than ever. Mobile applications work in real time, all the time so your small business can be open all day, all night and on weekends! Real time and on-the-go-access opens the door to new, potential customers and keeps loyal customers engaged.

Should you build a custom app for your business?


Reimagining App Ads


App install ads is a fast growing business and one of the primary channels mobile developers rely on to acquire users. While new ad formats have been developed in recent years, the general flow of an app ad has been the same since the AdMob days. It’s essentially, 1) show users a creative in the form of an image and 2) take users to the app store and hope they install the app.

But ad networks know that most users sent to the app store do not convert. In fact, only around 3-5 percent of clicks turn into installs. Why?


New Competition for Mobile App Advertising: Who Will Win?

Facebook mobile app install ads
Facebook’s mobile app advertising has been a game-changer, delivering undeniable success for both Facebook and the apps using its mobile app install ads. But as of the last few weeks, Facebook is no longer the only game in town. Google, Twitter, AOL, and Yahoo have disclosed plans for dedicated advertising products for app marketers. But, as we saw with the early days of mobile ad networks, even a rapidly growing market will have some winners and some losers.


Three Secrets of a Mobile App Designer


Some of the most valuable real estate available is on your smartphone screen, positioning mobile UI/UX designers as highly influential players in the mobile space. Mobile app designers are using “one of the richest canvasses a designer can dream of,” according to Sergio Nouvel, a leading designer and entrepreneur. But they are more than mere pixel pushers; rather, they are the individuals who consider end-users’ complete experience as they interact with a mobile app. Designers aim to continuously improve usability and provide a visceral connection between the app and the user. Though mobile UI/UX designers by nature are a varied bunch, here are three secrets associated with the job:


3 Golden Rules of Mobile Advertising – Location, Location, Location!

LeadboltAdsAnyone who has been in the home-buying market has learned that with a finite amount of geographic territory available, selecting a desirable location will ensure a lasting and profitable investment.
The same principle is true of your mobile app monetization strategy. Your app’s real-estate is precious. When you consider that your app is a carefully planned environment with finite space available and displayed on limited screen sizes, sacrificing any portion of your app’s real-estate is a delicate matter. To help drive your app revenue using mobile ads, heed the three time-tested golden rules of real-estate:


How to Streamline the Selling of In-App Video Advertising Inventory


This past January, mobile apps overtook PC Internet usage in the U.S. for the first time in history. Now more than ever, consumers are on their mobile devices and advertisers are eager to reach them where they are most engaged.


The New Realities of Facebook Mobile App Advertising

Facebook mobile app install ads

A new chapter is being written in the evolving mobile app marketing challenge. With the unveiling of its mobile ad network, called Audience Network, Facebook has made clear that it views mobile app developers as key to its long-term growth.

Not to be outdone, both Twitter and Google have recently upped the ante with their own focus on mobile app install ads.


Driving Quality Users Through Hypertargeted Campaigns


Acquiring valuable users is one of the toughest challenges facing mobile advertisers today. Hypertargeted ad campaigns are a key piece to the puzzle and a great way to hone in on pockets of high-performing traffic that drive higher lifetime value (LTV) users.

But it’s easier said than done.


9 Things to Look for in a Premium Mobile Publisher Solution

Publishers and advertisers want control and compatibility when it comes to a mobile publishing. Here are 9 things to look for searching for a premium solution:

1. Superior Monetization With RTB (Real-Time Bidding)
RTB technology is designed to make buyers compete in real time and maximize the value of a publisher’s advertising inventory. It also simplifies the buying process and creates more efficiency, eliminating the need to do insertion orders (IOs) for each buy. RTB platforms in mobile have scaled significantly over the past two years. All publishers should have an RTB strategy and look for a platform that allows them to sell in real time. As more dollars migrate to RTB, publishers without with the right technology will miss out on a big segment of buyers.

2. Mediation of Top Ad Networks


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