These 4 Mobile Monetization Tools Show You the Money


In the mobile world, app development continues to grow unabated. Mobile devices are anticipated to make up at least half of paid search clicks by next year. This growth is so rapid, that many app publishers lose sight of the prize: to monetize, all while building your brand and growing users.

There are many ways to increase engagement: providing relevant content, having a robust social media presence, or offering giveaways. Since a large factor in monetization is also about retaining your visitors you must constantly provide them with an incentive to return.

So, what are the best ways out there to monetize your app? There are quite a few companies in the mobile monetization space. Not all do it well. But I feel these four do:


5 Technologies That Wouldn’t Exist without the iPhone

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

Seven years is a long time in computing. It’s especially a long time in the world of mobile computing. And while the iPhone’s predecessors brought numerous innovations to the nerd masses right up to 2007, the arrival of the iPhone put mobile technology in the hands of millions of non-geeks and immediately accelerated the pace of development for an entire industry.

Yes, the arrival of the iPhone was an astounding event seven years ago, but we forget that not all of that technology arrived at once. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what we now take for granted:

1. GPS navigation


How to Make Your App Among the Financially Successful Apps

SuccessAccording to recent research from Gartner, less than 0.01% of mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers by 2018. So how can a developer’s app be among the financially successful apps? Beyond developing an app which 1) provides users with value, 2) for which they’ll pay, and 3) one that isn’t easily copied, developers need to look at app discovery and promotion as a source of revenue.


6 App Design Tips from Experienced App Designers

Photo via Flickr / Cristiano Betta

Photo via Flickr / Cristiano Betta

A great app is one people want to use over and over again. And great apps all have one thing in common – a well-executed design appropriate for the platform and use. Sometimes it takes a few bad experiences (AKA zero-to-no amount of downloads) to get the hang of user experience in mobile devices, but sometimes it’s much easier to learn from other developers’ experiences.

Here are six expert app design tips to satisfy clients and keep users coming back.


Why Apps Must Build a Foundation for the Future

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

The mobile opportunity is exciting and potentially most are seeing that it’s growing and evolving far beyond original estimates. At the heart of all of it is the data that is generated, the solutions utilized to gain leverage over that data, and the challenges around privacy. There are fundamental differences between PC-based (or sedentary) user data and mobile data opportunities and because of this, the challenges in mobile are unique. New approaches and solutions are required to compete effectively which means that organizations must detach themselves from previous paradigms.


Guest Post: Top 3 benefits of offering mobile payments


Editor’s Note: Today’s guest blog comes from SecureKey’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andre Boysen, who is responsible for cultivating new and exciting opportunities in existing markets for the company. 

There’s little denying that smartphones have become a staple in many people’s lives. They offer instant access to restaurant reviews, movie ticket reservations, social media and even, on occasion, calling up friends and family. Mobile phones have also taken the place of certain equipment like alarm clocks, watches and music players. These devices perform numerous tasks and their reach is bound to expand as the technology improves. Soon enough, many people will also be using their smartphones to complete transactions both online and in-person, and businesses should prepare for this change in buying habits. Below are three of the reasons you should consider making this move now, rather than later.  (more…)

Guest Post: How to hire a rock star developer


Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is written by Yadid Ramot, the CTO of InvestedIn – a leading technology company that specializes in white-label crowdfunding platforms for reward, donation, pre-sales,  equity crowdfunding and lending applications. The company currently manages an  estimated $32 million in crowdfunding deals and in 2013 received the Los Angeles  Venture Association’s “Best Marketplace Platform for Funding Award”.

A great developer is one of the most elusive yet crucial hires for a successful start-up. Developers are the engineers that transform ideas into functioning products and software. They are analytical problem solvers with acute technical abilities. The competitive nature of Silicon Valley and the startup landscape, coupled with the shortage of professionals with in-depth development knowledge, makes landing a talented recruit whose abilities coincide with your organization’s vision a hot commodity. (more…)

Adobe and App Development: Our ethos to developing tools for mobile app development

Image via Adobe

Image via Adobe

Today’s guest post is by Rich Lee, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud Web Products

Adobe has a long history of being involved with the development and advancement of the Web, and has led the vision of a more creative online design surface with breakthrough interactivity. With scalable vector graphics (SVG), Adobe initiated creative vector graphics for the web that are now critical in a world of high resolution mobile devices and the applications that have become so popular on them.

Today’s world is different than it was even a few years ago. Adobe addresses this with focused, task-oriented tools and a lean development process to validate and iterate on the tools to incorporate feedback quickly. (more…)

Mobile Statistics for the Modern Day Business


Today’s guest post comes to us from ShoreTel Sky, a pioneer in host VoIP phone systems. ShoreTel Sky allows businesses to work the way they want to, while connecting them to their customers and integrating their business-critical applications.

For much of the last decade, the widespread use of mobile devices in the public realm has been commonplace. In fact, as of May 2013, 91-percent of Americans have a cell phone, with 56-percent owning a smartphone. Additionally 35-percent of Americans over the age of 16 own a tablet, according to a recent Pew Internet survey. While the public at large has been willing to adopt the latest technology, businesses lagged a little behind – but that has changed, and changed quickly. (more…)

Mobile Evolution: The Importance of Standalone Apps


Today’s guest post comes to us from Geoff Cook, co-founder and CEO of MeetMe, a leading social network for meeting new people in the US and the public market leader for social discovery (NYSE MKT: MEET). MeetMe is building a portfolio of mobile social apps and recently launched two: Charm and Unsaid. Cook will also be a featured speaker at this year’s Inside Mobile Apps conference, joining a panel on Leveraging App Discovery. 

In the beginning, a developer created a web site, then she created a mobile app based on that web site. Today, she creates a portfolio of mobile apps without regard to the web site. The industry has learned the bigness of the small-screen opportunity and evolved to capture it.

The social app landscape on mobile is marked by single-use-case standalone apps – apps like Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and Tinder. Indeed, the largest social developers recognize that standalone app innovation must occur alongside improvements to the core product – Facebook with Instagram and Messenger; IAC with Tinder; and Twitter with Vine. (more…)

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